Atlantic Furniture Services


Whether it’s your everyday furniture or your family heirlooms, we can meet just about any need you may have for repair, restoration, or modification.

Refinishing- most includes multi level coloring and glazing.

Gluing- broken legs, case goods, chairs, veneer, bed posts, just about anything

Turning- replacement finials, legs, etc.

Custom finishing and effects- glazing, distress, worn, crackle, multi level coloring.

Touch up- finishes, cabinets, scratches, gouges, wear spots, water damage, light spots darkened.

Detailing- cleaning, polishing, glaze effects, resurfacing, buffing.

Modifications- bed extending, widening, and raising or lowering, armoire reconfiguration, large furniture cut in half to fit small or narrow spaces.

Dog chew marks repaired.

Water marks, rings, and spots repaired.

Veneer repair and replacement.

Wicker repair- loose windings, structural reconditioning and repair, pre-woven cane installed.

Pick up and delivery

If what you are looking for isn’t listed, please call and ask. It probably can be done.